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These groups are also very sexy :B

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You are more than welcome to beat the living snot out of me :iconarigatouplz:...

The Reason I went missing... Remember my last blog about computer problems? Well I had thought they were resolved... but no. My computer decided to commit utter suicide. So some time around the end of September I became computer-less and rarely had any access to one. I had to go to my cousins house whenever I needed to do something online and my time was limited so I couldn't even think of glancing at deviantart.

That and also around the same time I got a job :D !! At walmart :iconorzplz: [but because of this I got my brand new laptop hoorah!!]... However this emplies some negative things but also very positive things. First the negatives.. I sadly won't have all the time I had before to respond right away and such. BUT I will try and get on here AT LEAST once a week. So you may have to wait a little for reply's and for your submissions to be approved. The good news however is that thanks to my job I now have the ability to do a lot more cool things for this groups members. Maybe some contests in the future with prizes C:

I noticed a lot of the submissions expired... it was to be expected of course... I'm sorry. Again I didn't have a computer or get an opportunity to inform everyone of my misfortune :C You guys/gals are welcome to re-submit your deviations for approval. I will try to get back to everyone and maybe just send the requests myself. Again I am SO SO SORRY!! I hope this will not ever happen again. And if it does, I will make sure to notify you of the situation so you are not left confused and know to hold back your deviations until further notice. But right now I am dying to see all your new submissions!!

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Hello and Welcome Friends!!

This group is dedicated to everyones favorite hero,:heart:Ichigo Kurosaki:heart:. But as the name suggests the theme is a little different ;P. The goal here is to collect and share all the wonderful Ichigo art that I have come across and hopefully inspire you artists to submit more:love:. Though the name is SEXY-Ichigo, that does not mean you can't submit Handsome-Ichigo, Beautiful-Ichigo, Charming-Ichigo, Cool Ichigo. On the contrary, I want to see your most GORGEOUS work!! I want to make this a haven of beautiful Ichigo art. Basically like a "nosebleed/squee-central" for my fellow Ichigo fan-gals :giggle:. For that reason this group is going to be a bit strict. For everyones satisfaction of course. Meaning the following won't be allowed.

:no: Manga Scans

:no: Manga Colorings.

:no: Screenshots

:no: Stolen work [I'll throttle you :shakefist:]

:no: Copies of Kubos illustrations. [with the minimal exception that you recreated a piece in your own way. Ex: made a manga panel into a realistic sketch from scratch.]

:no: WIP's. Only finished work. [That does not mean you can't submit lineart.]

:no: Super rough sketches. Again, must be finished.

:no: Bases

:no: Traced art.

:no: BADLY taken pictures of your drawings.

:no: Pictures done on notebook paper.

:no: Cosplay [I love you Ichigo cosplayers!! But this group is more focused on peoples drawings/paintings.]

:no: Pictures of Ichigos sword or mask by itself. Ichigo must be in the picture. Otherwise it would defeat the purpose.

^^; at the moment I'd prefer FULL GROWN Ichigo pictures. So no chibis or baby pictures. BUT if a lot of you want that to change please speak up. you never know ;)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before I continue on the Do's and Dont's, I have to mention a few things about myself[I know so weird]. ONE, I am a HUUUGE IchiRuki fan. BUT, that does not mean you can't submit IchiHime art. I will not allow any bashing here. If Ichigo is in the picture and is well done, then there will be no discriminating. TWO, I am a GINORMOUS prude... I know, "does not compute" :confused:. I enjoy a nice piece of eye-candy as much as the next gal, but past a certain level is just a big no-no for me. Meaning NO HENTAI!! No porny nudity. We know which naughty parts I'm talking about... So if those are not in the picture but it's still compromising...[say, a picture showing a bit lower than the lower back] is welcome with it's respectable filter.

The rules are not meant to hurt anyone's feelings :'(. If your submission was not accepted, please do not feel discouraged or shunned. I want to keep seeing wonderful Ichigo art, so give it your best!

Since the group is just starting, there is currently no limit on submissions. But please don't go crazy ^^;

:nod: As long as it still goes by the rules and the content is still pretty much the same... Hichigo/Shirosaki[or whatever you like to call him] IS ACCEPTED.

Well that should be pretty much it. Let me know if I forgot something or if you have any doubts.

Let the Strawberry eye-candy collecting commence!!


I am currently not looking for any admins. I am trying to run things my way for the time being. But if you are interested in helping me out in the future, please keep yourself available :love: I will look for you then.





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XD Ichigo makes me drool, LOL! Im an Ichigo fan but im not interested in the fan couples. XDD
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You are welcome here either way x)
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.. Why was i cancled?! D:
BlueFoxJutsu Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
cancelled?! :ohnoes: no members have ever been removed from this group. I don't know how that happened at all.
Plum-Godess Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011
I hope my Deviantation got submitted. :ohnoes: Sorry for submitting it two times but these glitches with the :groups: have been going on for quite awhile.
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I wanna join but it won't let!!
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better yet let me send you an invite. Sorry for the inconvenience ^^;
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